Yea baby yea!!  I said I would let ya’ll know when its out and here it is..

MMmm.. Like you can reach out and touch the buttons. 🙂

Email from Mark I just got today..

Hello Sports Fans:

LED Football is officially live and in the App Store and shooting for the very top! Apple posted it just yesterday afternoon and we’re already at #30 of Top Paid Apps!  We’re psyched!!!

We’ve gotten some awesome reviews so far, plus some very kind words from various blogs and even one online news site. Help us spread the word so we can muscle our way to the Top 10!

Check it out on the App Store or at our site,  If you have an iPhone (or even if you don’t) why not buy a copy? Only 99 cents.

Thanks for all your support! You guys rock!

All the best,


I downloaded this puppy and yup, just like the old days!  Sweet.  

So get it already!!  Why are you still reading this?