I said I would take a ride on Friday, and I did.  I just have not had time to write anything up till now.

I took a short ride with trackthing lite on before the iphone 2.1 update and after hoping the GPS will work better and my graphs would be more stable with less spikes.  Sorry to say.. FAIL.  If you look at the two graphs below, they seem to have the same amount of noise within the data.  I was very careful to take exactly the same route as my first ride, although I had better lucks with the lights.  I still have yet to find a way to talk to the author and suggest a way to download the raw data, but hopefully they will read this and add it.  I would love to run a few smoothing algorithms and do spike exception checks. Even better, put some of this logic in the app itself.  And while I’m wishing, a larger scrollable graph for longer rides would be nice.  But again, its LITE and free, so these are not complaints … merely suggestions. 🙂

Something else to work on; I moved the graph line from the bottom portion of the display to the top because it seems to align more correctly then the one normally shown.

Before 2.1

After 2.1

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