I’ve talked about this before, using the iphone field test to get numbers instead of bars to see what kind of reception you are getting on your phone. When I checked my phone before 2.1, I used to get -99 to -107 db on my couch. Once I updated to 2.1, I was still getting -99 to -107 and during a call… dropped.

So I figured, ok, yet another useless update.

However, a day and a half later, I finally jailbroke (pwned) the phone and did another field test.  This time it was coming in at -77db. (lower is better folks) Hmmm.. So the question is; was ATT slow in updating the software on their towers or did jailbreak actually improve my iphone performance!!  Well, I’m pretty sure it was ATT, but its fun to think it was jailbreak.

So far, I have not had another dropped call, but I do not use the iphone that much (mostly a skype user) so I’m not sure we can jump to any conclusions.

Oh, BTW, to get the field test, get to your phone keypad and enter *3001#12345#* then click call.

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