Ok.. Not sure what it means, but alright.  This cartoon popped up briefly on my iphone during the 2.1 iphone update.

After some looking around on the web, I think it says “hello”.  I have a few friends who speak Russian, I’ll have this double checked …… still loading 2.1 however ….

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  • My phone just did this. It was already jailbroken–4 days ago–but today a friend of mine was messing with it and put in the wrong unlock code until it froze. I rebooted the phone, and now the pwnapple appears briefly, followed soon after by this same Russian SJ cartoon, and then the phone shuts down.

    Anyone else having this happen?

  • Hmm.. Sounds like its stuck in its debug mode. You may have to start over and re jailbreak it. If that does not work, do a full restore to factory and then jailbreak. And then keep you friend away from your phone.

  • I had this same issue, with absolutely no resolution (trolled the internet for about 3 hours). I finally got the phone to work again by letting the battery drain until the low power warning came on (red sliver in a battery) and then trying an itunes restore again.

  • At the moment, I am back at the connect to Itunes screen. I am a bit anxious about trying to jailbreak again, but I will try again today. I just need a SIM unlock (I am using my American iPhone in Germany) ; is there a way to just unlock the SIM without jail-breaking the phone?

  • that happened to me too, i think it's the recovery mode screen with the graphic replaced by quickpwn (would be nice if it said recovery mode somewhere). i just plugged it into itunes and itunes said it found an iphone in recovery mode, blah blah. i restored and jailbroke/unlocked. works fine. i just lost everything i dl'd and stuff. i should probably back up more often 🙂

  • like…. my iphone just starts up when i turn it on, flashes the pinepple and then shows the cartoon and shuts down again….. idk what to do….

    • Oh, sounds like you did something wrong in the jailbreak process. I would start over from the beginning. Restore your phone to factory, then rejailbreak it again. Make sure you have the correct files for the version of your phone.

  • Pleaase someone! i have the same shit BUTT… when i plug it in it is not shown on my itunes! i cant do anything no restore nothing! olz help me! ill be wery thankfull!

  • so, no one has the answer to the problem of being stuck in recovery mode with steve jobs character and switching back to the pineapple. I am really lost, I need my phone very badly, all of my business is ran from this dag nabbing phone……. Please, can someone help ??

    Thanks in advance,


    • If your computer does not recognise your iPhone then you might have to put it into DFU mode to restore it. To put it into DFU mode, hold the on/off button and the home button together for 10 seconds, then release the on/off button, but continue to hold the home button for a further 20 seconds. While doing this, you will need your original SIM to activate the iPhone with iTunes again. It will be back at factory state, but you can restore your previous settings.

      • I tried everything you said, and still nothing.. itunes won't recognize and it won't even change the itunes store screen. I uninstalled, installed rebooted etc. etc.. still stuck with steve jobs and pineapple. This is really killing me slowly… Any other suggestions ? Thanks in advanced…


        • Did you try DFU mode? I\\'ve heard, but have not tried it myself, that the Apple store will now help restore phone even if you tried jailbreaking. Now since I have yet to personally walk into a store and pretend my phone was stuck at jailbreak to see what would happen, you have to take this as rumor. But give them a call and see what they say. AND please let us know what happens. Also, if you are able to restore to factory by going into DFU mode, let us know that too.

  • I'll try… but I already tried to put it into DFU mode (without simcard) it did not work. And programs I tried to use don't recognies the phone. I will let you know what is going on. Thanks.

  • Have you fixed it yet Marty, the only option i found was to plug into itunes hold both buttons for 15 seconds until itunes finds it and then do a system restore which takes a while. it will delete some of your applications but it brings it back to its virgin state. better than no iphone at all.. hope this helps.

  • I was in a similar situation yesterday: pineapple, Steve Jobs saying "hi" in Russian lolspeak, iPhone not recognized by iTunes for Windows 7 (64 bit). (I had gotten myself into it by trying to give my jailbroken iPhone an official software update, stupid me). Solution: use a Mac to restore the phone with iTunes.

    • Good move on the Mac. Course now I have an issue. My nephew has an old 2G that was restored and now cannot do anything without a sim chip. Cant even jailbreak. Hmmm..

  • i have a first gen iphone. my friend jailbroke it for me and one day it died. i have had it for awhile and it has been working great. the day it died i got home and plugged it into to charge. it would not turn on. then finally the screen started working but still said 20% batter even after i had charged it forever. now it says i need to software update on itunes but restoring it is not working on itunes. What do i do?

    • Your phone could just be getting old. Once the batteries start to fail, they fail fast. Putting new software in will not do anything for you. The best I can recommend is run it all the way deal. Then plug in it and let it charge for a few hours. Then do a hard reset, then drain it and recharge it again. Repeat this 2 or 3 times. This might help reset the system to let it give you a bit more juice, but its a long shot.It might be time to retire it. 🙁

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