A friend of mine was having this problem and found a thread discussing it here..

Ok so I first saw an issue with this after upgrading to the latest firmware on my iPhone. In the past I could update my apps through my iphone then transfer to iTunes later now I cannot update AND it tells me to go to iTunes and update there.

1. I get the error above, 0xE800002E, when I try and update apps through iTunes as instructed.
2. The only WORKAROUND I have found is to remove app from iPhone and LOSE all Data.
3. then resynce from iTunes with new app.

I lost all my saved games for Vay and All my budget info for August this is a horrible situation. Does any one have the official line from Apple on this as to a fix …..a quick search on Google and you will find I am NOT the only one with this error. Also my phone is 100% legit NO JAILBREAKING.

After some searching, he found a soution from imyourdaddy.  Link to the orginal here..

You can try this to get those Apps working again:

-delete applications from iphone
-turn iphone off then back on
-deauthorize computer in itunes (under store), close down itunes
-open itunes back up, authorize computer (under store in itunes)
-plug in iphone to sync apps over

This worked for me. If it doesn’t work you can try deleting the Apps in iTunes as well, then re-downloading them in iTunes, then syncing the phone. No need to run a Restore. 

Hope this helps you if you have this problem.

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  • I just added this to another forum in a thread about this same error. If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch at firmware 2.2, this will likely work for you. Hints inside may help with other jailbroken firmware versions.

    Okay, I'm a bit excited here, but trying not to get ahead of myself. I had this same error on an update to one of my cracked apps that I had double-clicked into iTunes. Then I got notified of updates to several of my free apps, and each of them also would not install the update with the same error.

    Yes, the workaround mentioned in a Google search, of unchecking the app from your Applications list, syncing, re-checking and syncing again, does work, with the well-known and obvious side-effect of losing all the data for that app. So instead, I was going to set aside a few hours tomorrow to follow nlsmiley's steps above. Really, if you think back to the first 2.0 jailbreaks, the instructions always said to download a free app before any cracked ones. Hey, back then there weren't that many cracked ones yet, so this was easy to remember and do. So these instructions made a lot of sense, and I expected them to solve my problem.

    Just for grins, though, I installed "2.2 MobileInstallation Patch" from Cydia (in Steffwiz's repo). It noted that I had apparently already patched the MobileInstallation file, as I had, since I installed it during my 2.2 jailbreak, then it said something about overwriting it anyway? Little type, hard to see, but whatever. I then "bought" a free app (the fabulous new Crossbones) and downloaded and installed it with a regular sync. The sync process proceeded to try to install the up-to-then failed updates (both free and for my cracked app), and seemed to be taking longer to do so. Ya know, kinda like it was really doing it this time! Lo and behold, after the sync finished, NO ERRORS! Just to be sure I turned right around and sync'd again, and it did not try to install anything. My apps are all updated! Woo-hoo!

    EDIT: NO REBOOT INVOLVED! My son's iPod Touch at 2.2 had, like mine, been throwing these same errors as updates accumulated lately. We just did the same procedure with his, and it worked again. I have to wonder if just SFTP'ing into the Touch, and copying the cracked MobileInstallation file over the old one again, followed by the free app first process, would work as well. But that's for others with more time on their hands than me to try. Does the Patch installation process work any other magic inside the Touch that a simply overwrite of the file would not?

    Now hey, it's just one guy here, and who knows if it's permanent, but my apps ARE updated and I did NOT lose my data doing it. Try it and report back here if it works for you too…

    Hopefully this little discovery will run true, and save a bunch of us a bunch of pain. I DO know that from now on I am installing a free app FIRST, EVERY time I upgrade to a new jailbroken firmware version!

    • FUCK man!!!
      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      you solved my problem!!!!!!
      this is the solution for jailbrokers who can't update or install free apps from app stores

      Thank you! chukee and thanks for all the steps you wrote!

    • Huh, well what do you know, I did not think about installing free apps first, and your right, I went back and checked and 'in small type' there is the recommendation just as you said. Hmm.. I think my brother had an issue like this when he did his cracked apps, I'm going to have him take a look at this and chime in. This needs to be a post all on its own. 🙂

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