The Mac people are working on it. I expect to see it tomorrow.

First off, the link to the story and the file.

Based on the comments I’ve seen so far, there have been a few fails, but nothing tragic.  I’m going to research this more and then perhaps jailbreak my phone.  I’ll post again once if I do it.

instructions (from My Little Pwnie’s Dressage )

if you are running 2.0.2.  If you are not, upgrade to 2.0.2 via itunes the normal way.

1) Download QuickPwn
2) Run QuickPwn
3) Select iPhone 3G
4) Browse to the IPSW (you can download this file from iTunes – it is then found in (Vista) under: C:\Users\Name\Appdata\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
(If you can’t see the folder Appdata then adjust view settings…jeessss…)
5) Select Cydia/Installer/Boot Logo etc in QuickPwn
6) Go! (read instructions on screen)
7) Wait
8) Enjoy (should reboot in 2.0.2 with Jailbreak).

And just for fun, here are the same instructions from the same site in German.

für alle, die kein English sprechen, die Anleitung in Deutsch!:
Was man tun muss:
1) iPhone / iPod touch anschliessen
2) QuickPWN starten
3) iPhone 2G / iPod touch / iPhone 3G auswählen
4) Firmware 2.0, 2.0.1 oder 2.0.2. auswählen (wird ja (XP) in C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[USER]\Anwendungsdaten\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates (o.Ä.!) gespeichert.
5) zum nächsten Schritt gehen
6) iPhone in den speziellen Modus versetzen, bzw. den Instruktionen folgen!
7) Jailbreaken lassen
8) fertig! Alle Daten bleiben bestehen!

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