{update} Now with the 3.0 update, you can tether with a bit more ease.  More here..

This is interesting. I read in justanotheriphoneblog.com that an app appeared briefly, then disappeared, and now has reappeared. Kinda like a Quark I guess. Anyway, at the time of this writing, it’s still there so you may want to grab it if you can. It is listed at $9.99

Now you need to set system wide SOCKS, but not that big of a deal I guess. The reviews so far are pretty good. Do not try if you are not comfortable with messing with your computer settings given that there are a few things you have to do. Also, make sure you plug in your iphone and turn sleep off. Once your iphone goes to sleep, you have to start over. I do not think that is a FAIL though.

Based on the comments there is room for improvement, but its a first version, so I’ll let that fly.

Once the PC version comes out, I may give it a try and write up my impressions.

I think I may have to expand my blog search engine to include ‘iphone, tether, ATT’ to see what they do.

(update) Pish, and its gone again.. Grr… Ok, next time I see it, I’ll just to have to buy it.