… and a bunch of nothing.  Yea, the browser seemed a touch faster, but that is a cleared cache affect.

I live on the edge of service so what I was looking for is a stronger and more stable 3G browsing experience. Well, first impression is that it’s the same.  I’m going to leave it on 3G all day tomorrow, take around Oakland and perhaps San Francisco and see how it performs.

On the plus side, CannonGame is finally working.  It crashed on the first try, but now it works.  That tells me they have improved some of the MANUAL memory management. Really guys, auto garbage collection, let’s get on it eh?

Here is the first odd bug.  I turn on the GPS and it has cycled between cell tower location, to GRP, back to tower, back to GPS and now we are in tower again.  Now, this happened as email started coming, in, so that could have caused the issue, but now its stuck in tower. … Still waiting…  Had to leave, open another app (force clear mem) then came back.  I now have GPS again. Cycles between a grey dot, which I guess means the GPS radio is in rest cycle and Blue Dot with perhaps 250′ radius.  This will be interesting.

I will update this post tomorrow…

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