When I first got the 3G, I decided to hold off on jailbreak till it was out for awhile and hopefully most of the bugs worked out. Now I’m not saying its as clean as some of the jailbreaks 1.0.2+, but the 2.0.2 pwn’s are starting to look good.  After reading near 100 comments, I started to get enough warm fuzzies to give it a shot.

So the question is: should you jailbreak?  If you have never jailbroken the phone, are happy with the apps you have so far, and cannot risk ANYTHING going wrong the phone, then no.  Don’t even bother. But for those of you who are looking to take the iphone to the promised land; record live video, custom graphics for everything (i.e. I use steampunk analog battery meeter), SSH, Master control of powering on/off (3G, WIFI, Email), Quake (yes, the full Quake) etc, etc, then perhaps this is the time. In September Steve Jobs said there would be another update.  I may or may not update again depending on if it fixed the bug of the $&#*( keypad staying on when on a phone call). On my next post I’ll talk about the apps I’ve downloaded.

I posted more info and links on the jailbreak here in my previous post.

My iphone is already at 2.0.2, so that is what I used.  To do this jailbreak, you need 2 files.

QuickPwnGui120.exe and iPhone 1,2_2.0.2_5C1_Restore.ipsw

The process was not perfect.  First off, since the mac version is not working, I used my laptop. When I first started the process, it would not work.  Why not? Because I did have itunes on the laptop!  So installed itunes and did a sync without music, pictures, address book or anything else.

Started the process again.

Once you are given the choice of what type of phone to pwn, I have the 3G, a nice ‘are you ready?’ button comes up with the steps you have to take.  Non of these steps are command line, but more of ‘can you follow basic instructions?’ type. 🙂  You will be asked to hold down the top power button (5 sec I think), then the home button (so both are held down (another 10 sec I think)) then let go of the top button while holding down the home button. (30 sec I believe) Think you can handle that?

Good.  Now, connect your phone to your PC and then turn the phone off.

The first time I tried it, it stalled on me for some reason. I tried it again and it worked great. A word of advice though, take your case off.  I have a pretty think rubber case and pressing and holding the home button got a bit tiresome.  Although it said to hold for 30 seconds, I was holding for a min and half till it rebooted.

So far, so good.  The reboot can take quite a while (1-2 min), so be patient. Also, as soon as your phone comes up, disconnect the cable.  It will not hurt anything to leave it plugged in, but mine did a power on/power off loop. Annoying.

Just to be safe, do a clean reboot.  Power off, power on with the phone disconnected.

You should be good!  On my next post, I’ll talk about the applications I have loaded.

Post Script…

Since pwning the phone, I’ve noticed the wake from sleep (turn on) is much slower as well as some of the more memory intenive OS apps taking a bit longer to load. Not sure what is causing it.  However, once the applications load, they work fine enough… known bugs not withstanding.