Well, it could be because you have a defective phone! Yes, it’s possible. Keep in mind that as much as Apple tried to insure the manufacturing process is 6 sigma, there will be fails. I think Intel has the best QA record. Will check on that.

A friend of mine, and a few other blogs posts I’ve read, talks about fails on the iphone, especially, during phone calls that cannot be explained by software alone. In my friends case, he was having crashes at 2.0 AND at 2.0.1. Rebooted and reinstalled too many times.

I’ve talked about this before, and my guess was corruption at the upper mem registers. The only solution IMHO is to return the phone… But what if they do not have any more phone?? Then what?? This will be interesting.

BTW, has anyone experience random keypad tones while talking despite the keypad hidden AND the screen being blank? I may have my own phone issues pretty soon. So far, wish I did not leave 2G.