As I’ve said, I really cannot take Lou Dobbs.  Even adultswim lists Lou as ‘FAIL’ along with MS Vista. So I need to have something on, so I switched to Hardball.  I thought Chris was ok and I can watch (really listen) while waiting for Olbermann who I find a bit harsh but ALWAYS entertaining. I also respect Keith because of his use of data points. Clearly he came from the sports arena … but I digress …

Chris had someone on his show today (May 15) who clearly does not ‘know history’ (quote Santayana) much less the difference between appeasement and discussion. So Chris asked his guest (kevin something) in ref to Bush statement about appeasement to Hitler in ’39, ‘what did Chamberlain do wrong in 38?’ His guest could not answer but instead spewed more and more garbage.  Chris would not let this question go.  For 5 min! (which is forever in TV) he kept asking this question.  Finally Chris said, you have no idea do you?  (paraphrase) You are doing all this talking about appeasement and its impact on the beginning of WWII and have NO idea what happened!  It was great because it is a pet peeve of mine to hear people speak out of school. Now given that I enjoy studying history; and thus feel its something we should all study, I think you should have SOME idea of what your talking about if you want to be in politics or be a pundit  Again, I do not know who Chris’s guest was; but he just got served.

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