First off, Huckabee. Most people, and myself included thinks Huckabee is angeling for the VP position. But I’m not surprised he is staying in the race. The more delegates he captures, the better his position. Keep in mind Romney still has more… so the huck’ster keeps running … here is a funny side, someone should calc how often John McCain has been on the John Stewart Show. My guess… A lot. And Huckabee has been on Cobert more then any other politician I know. Hmmm…

But now we have Obama just taking a lead from Clinton. Of course, she still has more superdeligates, but that may not matter that much. Keep in mind they can do anything they want, and Pelosi (speaker of the house) nor Gore have gotten behind either candidate yet. They are the two to watch. Where they go, the primary goes … I would give Pelosi a touch more power to control SDs then Gore …  still have not heard from Edwards, but he meet with Obama a few days back and is meeting with Hillery tomorrow. Should be interesting.  If I had to guess, he will do nothing in the short term.  Perhaps after Texas.

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