The Democratic debate just ended. As predicted, they both played nice. Given how much ground was lost last week by the Bill attacks, both camps realized the public does not enjoy bickering. You can also see this on the ‘dial response’ that CNN uses; Obama lost favor when he tried to attack her on flip flopping on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

In general, it was a good debate. No fireworks, but after watching the Republicans last night, I don’t think we miss it. Basically, I don’t think any major scores happened, so I would wadger that we will not see more then 3% movement on any of the polls. Still waiting for new polls after the republican debate. Given Mc Cain’s momentum and endorsements, one would expect a 7% to 12% improvement in the polls. I’ve guessing no more then 3 to 5%.

Now on the the iPhone…

WTF?? I want to tether my tablet PC to the iphone so in those rare occations, I can still get web access. Now EDGE is basically dialup, but its better then nothing. 🙂 I was able to get SSH on the iphone, no problem. I cannot get a shared access point on the tablet!! Argg.. Windows kills me again! I may have to look into bootable linux on a thumb drive and see if I can do it that way.

However.. virtual guitar on the iphone is pretty cool. I tried playing cry baby cry (The Beatles) and I was able to get to most of the chords pretty well, but no way you can play it at normal speed. But I don’t think that is the point anyway. 🙂